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Facilitator's Note 7 November , 2019: Phase 2 update


Hi Everyone,


Thanks very much to those who have already voted in Phase II of our Trust CoLab scenario development process. If you have not yet had the chance to do so, please submit your votes soon – the deadline is Sunday, November 10.
We’ve posted a video describing how to vote and there is a link to it at this page. Please check it out.


We are asking you to vote on which of the Driver Groups (29 in total) you feel will be most important in shaping peoples’ health between now and 2040. 


With some early votes in, it looks like drivers relating to: environmental pressures, globalization, the benefits of big data, wearables/sensors, and drug approval processes are currently deemed as most important in shaping future health. Do you agree with this? Either way, please vote to provide your views. 


There is one other element of Phase II where we’d value your contributions. We’d like you to tell a brief story about how underlying drivers might combine to affect some aspect of health between now and 2040. For example, what happens if a growing threat of climate-influenced infectious diseases combines with greater data availability? Or if some change in drug approval processes occurs alongside a lack of trust in medicine? 

The purpose of these stories is to highlight potential futures. We are not trying to predict what’s likely to happen. Instead, we want you to imagine what might happen. 


Thanks for all your contributions.