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Facilitator's Note, 6 November 2019: Phase 2 instructions

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for your Phase 1 contributions to our Trust CoLab pilot exercise. We received 278 submissions for ‘drivers of change’ – forces that could shape peoples’ health between now and 2040. 

It is impossible for you to review all of those submissions in such a short space of time, so we have created 29 driver groups, created by clustering drivers into themes (via a combination of a Natural Language Processing Program and our own iterative analysis). On the site, you will see that these driver groups now contain a short title, a slightly longer tag-line, a description that provides more detail, and link to all the underlying drivers that we have clustered together under that theme. There are many component drivers, which contain a whole range of futuristic ideas.  

Based on this information, we’d like you to contribute in two ways to Phase II. 

(i)             Please review the 29 driver groups and VOTE on the driver groups that you feel will be most important in shaping peoples’ health between now and 2040. When voting, please read the description and scan the underlying drivers. This will give you more detail and nuance than just the title and tag-line. The voting instructions are contained on the site, but the basic rules are: 

You will have 15 total votes to choose which driver groups are most important in shaping peoples’ health between now and 2040. You can allocate these 15 votes to any of the driver groups, but you cannot give more than 5 votes to any one driver group. How will you allocate your 15 votes? 

(ii)            Please submit one or more STORYLINES that use a combination of the Phase I drivers 

We want you to generate a brief story of how peoples’ health might change by 2040, based on combining two or more drivers together, or using one driver as a jumping off point and elaborating on what might happen. (e.g. combine a climate change driver with a technology breakthrough). This is a basic exercise in scenario building and will be helpful later in the process. Go to the Phase II Combinations page for additional instructions

Phase II will close at 11.59pm ET on Sunday, November 10. 

Thanks very much to those who are able contribute at this stage. Even if you did not contribute in Phase I, we’d like you to vote and submit storylines during Phase II. 


Best wishes